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Wednesday, 29 June 2022, 0:41


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“Women stay away from other men if you are getting married” – Nigerian women’s rights advocate decries rate of first borns being ‘illegitimate children of their fathers’

UK-based Nigerian women’s liberation and empowerment advocate, Olabisi Ekwueme Ajai, has decried the rate at which some first born children turn out to be’ illegitimate’ children of their’ fathers’


The author stated this Wednesday February 23,  while reacting to stories about some women who are engaged to be married but still sleep with the ex partners.


“The rate of first born children being ‘illegitimate’ children of the husband of the mother is unfairly high in my opinion,” she wrote.

“Dear women, if you are getting married, kindly stay away from other men! Would you want your son to be dealt with thus?”