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Wednesday, 18 May 2022, 4:40


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“Being on the verge of motherhood unlocked new levels of love and respect for my mommy” Rihanna celebrates her mother’s birthday with throwback photo

Rihanna took to Instagram to wish her mom, Monica Braithwaite, a happy birthday 54th birthday.


She shared a touching caption that detailed how her own pregnancy has “unlocked new levels of love and respect” for her mother.

The singer shared a photo of her as a toddler standing beside her mother and she wrote: “Today is my Queen’s birthday!!!

“Being on the verge of motherhood, unlocked new levels of love and respect I have for my mommy in a way that I could never explain!


“She’s the true MVP and I wanna give her her flowers every second I can! Love you mumzzzz!!! Happy Birthday! We gon celebrate on da link up!”