Nigerian woman suffering from ‘stomach pains’ seeks huge and handsome male doctor that can “inject her every midnight till she gets well”


A Nigerian woman, Akinbambo Odunayo, who is suffering from an unusual type of stomach pain is seeking for a huge and handsome male doctor that can cure her. 

“Pls house ur sister and ur friend need ur assistance oo. l have not been feeling ok for almost a week now. l had consulted about six doctors d same thing dey said. d pain is too much. stomach pains day and night,” she wrote on Facebook today.

“They all said l needed a male doctor dat can inject me every midnight. btw 12am to 4am for at least 3month. pls ,pls, and pls house is there anyone dat can volunteer himself. l mean a male(guy handsome huge cute) dat can inject a lady like me till l get well.for Just 6month.den we move to next level” 


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